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Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake


Annual dental exams and cleanings are recommended to protect your pet from many health problems and help them maintain a healthy and clean mouth.

Happy Pets Have Healthy Smiles

Oral health is just as important to your pet’s overall health. Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake is here to help you ensure that your pet’s smile is as well taken care of as the rest of their body. We are an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital, which means we are fully equipped to treat all of your pet’s oral health needs. We offer a full range of dental services, including dental radiographs to show hidden disease under the gum line that cause systemic issues for the cats and dogs.

Fighting Periodontal Disease with Regular Dental Care

Periodontal disease is thought to be the most common disease afflicting cats and dogs today. It is an infection of the tissues which hold the teeth in place, caused by a buildup of plaque on the teeth. As the bacteria dies, it hardens, allowing for more space for more plaque to accumulate. As more and more plaque builds up, it can migrate below the gum line where it can cause pain and infection.

Symptoms of periodontal disease can include:

  • Bad breath

  • Blood in saliva or water dish

  • Difficulty eating

  • Excessive drooling

  • Loose teeth

If you notice your pet exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, it’s possible that they are suffering from periodontal disease. Book a wellness appointment with our Southlake veterinarian and we’ll conduct a thorough oral exam to determine how severe your pet’s case is.

Scaling and polishing the teeth is the only way to dislodge the plaque buildup. A professional dental cleaning under anesthesia is a great solution to help get your pet’s teeth healthy again. Our team will also use dental radiographs, or x-rays, to find dental disease otherwise hidden to the naked eye. Though this is under the gum line, it can cause significant issues, including the loss of your pet's teeth.

Dental Cleanings at Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake

When your pet needs a professional dental cleaning, our veterinary team is here to help. As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, our surgical suite is fully equipped with the latest technology to monitor your pet when they are under anesthesia.

During the cleaning, our Southlake veterinarian will use tools similar to those used by human dentists to scale and polish your pet’s teeth. After all of the plaque has been successfully removed, we’ll apply an anti-plaque treatment, such as fluoride, to your pet’s teeth to deter future plaque buildup.

Following your pet’s dental cleaning, we’ll help you learn how to maintain your pet’s teeth at home. We want to help your pet smile for many long, healthy years.