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Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake has proudly served the Southlake community with top quality veterinary care since 1993. We strive to provide healthcare that is tailored to benefit your pet’s unique individual needs so that they can live a long, healthy life by your side. Our Southlake veterinarians are your trusted partner in your pet’s health!

We offer the following services:

Each and every one of our services are performed in-house by a compassionate member of our veterinary team. We will treat your pet as if they’re part of our own family because they deserve the highest quality care available.

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited facility, Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake is fully equipped to provide a full suite of health and wellness services to the pets and their families.

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Comprehensive Wellness Care for Cats & Dogs

At Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake, our priority is your pet’s health. From routine physical exams and vaccinations to pain management and surgical procedures, you can rely on our veterinary team to provide top quality healthcare for your pet.

We focus on providing preventative care services to local cats and dogs. We believe that it is much easier to prevent disease in the first place than it is to attempt to cure a disease down the line. By bringing your pet in for regular wellness exams every six months or at least annually, you can ensure that your pet’s health is being closely monitored.

We also know that each pet is unique. We take pride in tailoring our wellness and preventative care services to meet your pet’s specific needs. No two plans will look the same. Our recommendations work in the best interests of your pet’s health so they can enjoy a long, healthy life by your side.

Spay & Neuter Services

Spaying or neutering your pet can be hugely beneficial to their overall health and happiness with proven health and behavioral benefits. As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we are fully equipped to handle general surgeries and anesthesia monitoring, keeping your pet safe during this routine procedure.

Dental Care

Keep your pet smiling with comprehensive dental care at Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake! Your pet’s oral health is just as important as the rest of their body. We offer dental cleaning services and dental radiographs in-house, which makes getting your pet smiling again as easy as booking an appointment with us. We’ll help you get your pet smiling again!

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Happy, Healthy Pets Since 1993

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  • Above & Beyond Experience

    “After the above and beyond experience with my last sweet doggie in her last days, this clinic is home for our pets. They have a personable staff & conservative treatment.”

    - Kim
  • Caring People Who Love Animals

    The staff that I know at Southlake are awesome, caring people who love animals. 

    - Joyce
  • The Staff Here Is Great!

    The staff here is great! They are very patient and take time to explain everything. They always make sure to answer all of our questions. I definitely recommend them.

    - Courtney
  • Reasonable Prices & Great Care!

    “I’ve been taking my animals to Animal Healthcare Clinic of Southlake (the vet on 1709 with the animal jokes) for over 14 years. I love doctors and I love the staff. They take great care of our cats/dogs and don’t try to sell us on things.”

    - Jackie
  • 5 stars!

    “Hugo is a mini French poodle. He got an earache right before we were leaving on vacation to the beach. They got him in quickly, gave me medicine, and taught me how to treat him myself... He has not had another earache. 5 stars!”

    - Liz

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